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We all know that different heating and fuel sources are used during grilling. Every fuel source grill has pros and cons, with some that may change the overall taste of your food. There are different types of grills, so let's take a closer look at some of the different types of grills. In this blog article, we will provide details on the types of grills and which are the top 3 best grills to prefer.

7 Types of Grills

We will discuss many types of grills in the article below.

Gas Grill

Gas grills are the most popular grill and the best option for outdoor barbecue grills. Most people loved these grills for their easy maintenance and cleaning. Gas grills are started by pushing a button and heat up quickly. Even you can control the temperature and control heat sitting during cooking. One of the best things about gas grills is that they have multiple burners, which means you can create many cooking zones, like one for searing steaks and another for warming up the sauce. The temperature range for gas grills varies from 400 to 600 Fahrenheit, and they get less hot than charcoal grills. Gas grills require propane or natural gas as a fuel source; you need a gas line to install this system. If you don't have a gas line system, it may cost an expensive option for you. Moreover, gas grills are eco-friendly, have no need for electricity, won't run out of gas, and don't require tanks or refills. So gas grills are a smart option for those who want to grill frequently without fuss.

Charcoal Grills

Here is another famous grill that uses charcoal as fuel, and they are a great choice. If you want a smoky flavor, then this grill is for you. As much as you use charcoal, the hotter you grill. Charcoal grills can be customized with ease based on what you are cooking. These charcoal grills produce heat up to 700 Fahrenheit and impart mouthwatering char-grilled flavor into burgers, chicken wings, ribs, etc. It is the cheapest option to consider, and you grill the food directly (sear food over the coal) or indirectly (by pushing charcoal to one side so you can cook food slower). Briquettes or lump charcoal are required as fuel for a charcoal grill which can be challenging to ignite if you are doing it the first time. You cannot maintain the temperature here because of no knobs for heat control. At last, the heat-up and cool-down process will take time, and due to high heat retention, charcoal ash requires more cleanup. No grill will diminish the delicious taste of barbecue charcoal briquettes.

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Kamado Grills

Kamado grills have been known for the past ten years. They are the classic version of charcoal grills, called ceramic smokers or egg grills. It will work on the same principles as kettle grills but also have distinct features. Kamado grills have elongated shapes that look like an egg's outline. This type of kamado grill is heavier because they are made of thick ceramic material and can weigh from 150- 500 pounds, but everything depends on the size. Once the charcoal is started, the Kamado grill will pre-heat for 45 minutes to an hour to reach its thick walls close to your preferred temperature before cooking. It produces heat on natural, hardwood lump charcoal as a fuel source and produces little ash. Some grilling and barbeque enthusiasts touch the hardwood lump charcoal, which has the best flavor.

Pellet Grills

Wood pellet grills are also popular in the market as they use hardwood pellets for heating sources and offer a combination of features like gas and charcoal-style grills. These pellet grills are electronically powered, use friendly knobs with different temperature settings, and are started by a power switch button. It can give your food an irreplaceable hardwood-smoked flavor. You can set and maintain the grill temperature by hopper, and you don't need natural gas or propane for pellet grills. Pellet grills are available in small amounts in the market but are common grill types and are much more expensive.

Electric Grills

Electric grills run on electricity and are simple to install; all you need to do is plug them in and adjust the setting; now you cook anything. It is best for cooking meat and is a convenient and quick way for people who need access to a natural gas connection. Electric grills can't be trampled for ease and their user-friendly features, but they never get hot as other options, so you will sacrifice much of the delicious char-grill flavor goodness when using them. Due to the smaller size of electric grills and lack of charcoal/ gas, it is an excellent option for people who live in tiny homes or apartments with limited space and grill safety limitations. These grills produce high heat with low smoke but are not ideal for searing meat.

Infrared Grill

Infrared grills are like cart-style grills and run on natural gas or liquid propane, but they can be used as electric. The method of infrared grills is quite different as they use radiant heat to warm the air inside the grill. Electric or gas element is used to warm up solid surfaces like ceramic, which radiates infrared waves to warm up the food. You need a grill that warms up in a few seconds and cooks evenly with no flare-ups. The temperature range is 700 degrees Fahrenheit, which means it is a fast grilling system.

Portable Grills

It is clear from its name that they are portable and run on propane, charcoal, or electrically. Portable grills are the best option for enjoying barbeque camping and RVing. And if you want a permanent chance, look into larger grills, and gas or propane are best to consider as a fuel source.

Portable grills pros
Perfect choice for traveling
Easy to store
An excellent option for 1 to 2 people

Portable grills cons
Low heat compared to other grills
Smaller in size
Not ideal for smoky meat flavor

Top 3 Preferred Grills

With so many options in the market, choosing one grill that matches your needs isn't easy. You will select the grill according to your cooking, ease, budget, and, most importantly, where you live.

If you have a low budget, then go for infrared grills, and if you opt for charcoal grilling, it is an expensive choice to use over time since you have to replace the briquettes with each use.

Even electric or gas grills are great, as both are budget-friendly options with long-term use. Also, these grills are hassle-free and require a small amount of cleaning.

If you want to enjoy the flavor of food, then charcoal and pellet grills are the best to choose from, but they require more maintenance and are expensive. So it doesn't matter what grill you prefer; it's always a great excuse to grab your favorite six-pack, giant slab meat and invite friends.


You have many options to choose the best grill but always go for one that fits your cooking style and provides ease. Hopefully, you guys will learn more about the best grill for your home. We have given details in the above article about the types of grills, so now it depends on which one you prefer.