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When baking delicious homemade pizzas, the choice of the oven can significantly affect the outcome. While a regular oven is a common kitchen appliance used for various cooking tasks, a specialized pizza oven offers unique features and benefits. In this article, we will explore the main temperature differences between baking pizza in a pizza oven versus a regular oven, allowing you to make an informed decision and achieve the perfect pizza every time.

Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens are specially designed for baking pizza, which differs from the regular oven due to the temperature range. They operate at high temperatures, that's why they prepare pizza faster in a short duration. This main feature makes them more effective and efficient than regular ovens. Pizza ovens are used in commercial kitchens, so commercial pizza ovens are more widely held in restaurants.

Types of Pizza Ovens

There are many types of pizza ovens but we will discuss four main types of pizza ovens that are follows:

Pizza Convection Ovens:

Pizza convection ovens are designed around regular convection so that the heat circulates the cooking chamber and maintains the same temperature or bakes pizza evenly.

Brick Oven:

It is one of the best and most efficient pizza-making ovens using wood-fired cooking methods to attain high temperatures. They reach up to 700°F to 1000°F temperature and bake pizza quickly and perfectly.

Conveyor Ovens:

A conveyor oven is one of the best types of pizza oven, which bakes the pizza in a few seconds and contains an electric or gas burner that heat them at a specific temperature or cook them accurately.

Deck Oven:

A deck oven consists of a deck made up of stones, and it is the best pizza oven. They are a modern alternative if you want a modern brick oven. They operate on an electric burner that heats the shelves and cooks multiple pizzas simultaneously.

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Regular Oven:

Traditional, thermal, regular, or radiant ovens are the ovens that go both in a domestic and commercial settings. This type of oven is not designed to prepare a particular food item but can cook or bake anything like vegetables, meat, casseroles, cake, cookies, and nuts. From the name, it's clear that conventional ovens are old-modeled regular ovens with two heating elements, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the oven. The heat from heating elements prepares the food, which can be gas or electric ovens. In regular ovens, food or the surface near the heating elements is cooked fast, whereas the farthest remains less cooked. This oven can be compared with a convection oven in which heating elements' circulation generates heat with the help of attached fans in the convection oven. These fans are not just for circulating the hot air but also for enhancing the heat strength. Pizza can be baked in a regular oven, but they prepare low-quality pizza than a pizza oven. Regular pizza ovens can be prepared at temperatures between 500 °F and 550 °F, far less than required for cooking the finest-quality pizzas. Baking pizza in a regular oven is the same as in a pizza oven; you need to prepare dough as you prepare for a pizza oven. Then you have to turn on the regular pizza oven and set the temperature to the maximum limit; now, garnish the pizza base in the range and wait for 15 minutes. Your traditional oven-made pizza is supposed to be ready by then.

Differentiate Between Pizza Oven And A Regular Oven?

Some particular type of pizza is cooked at low temperature for a long time because high temperature is unsuitable for them. Everyone is choosing pizza ovens due to some differences discussed below.

Great Toppings

A pizza oven requires an average temperature of 900°F and has constant airflow. Due to these two main features, it will seal the flavor of the toppings evenly and rapidly, providing a crispier topping with nutrients inside. Even the cheesy layer above the pizza melts properly with a smoky flavor when you cook in a pizza oven. Your pizza gets a crisp crust with a moist inner side, and the moisture in the dough gets sealed quickly. So, you will get a crispy and tender pizza. On the other hand, in a regular oven, you have to cook the pizza for a long time at a low temperature, and in this way, the pizza crust gets overcooked.

Quicker Baking’s

As we know, pizza oven has different types, and one has brick walls that preserve the heat for a long time and make sure even to distribute heat in each pizza corner while baking. It cooks pizza faster within two minutes and costs less than the regular oven. Baking the pizza in a pizza oven can save you time and energy. On the other hand, a regular oven has an average temperature of 500°F and takes around 15 minutes to bake a pizza in it.

Better Taste and Look

The look can tell the difference in pizza quality and taste; when you bake pizza in a pizza oven, the texture of the pizza improves with a browner appearance. That's why what many people call "leopard spots." A pizza oven with high temperature creates a large pizza crust, which becomes tastier. Even the taste is improved with caramelization and wood smoke.


The pizza oven has a unique design that allows for optimal pizza cooking with a dome shape which produces more heat. On the other hand, regular ovens have a flat cooking surface which does not produce much heat and does not retain the heat level.

Multi-Purpose Oven

Regular ovens cannot replace the pizza oven, but anything can be baked in a pizza oven cooked in a traditional oven. It is a solid argument to get a pizza oven instead of a regular one. Apart from baking pizzas, you can bake bread, barbecue chicken, or vegetables in a pizza oven. Pizza ovens are specifically designed for optimal pizza baking. They often feature a rotating stone or brick surface to distribute heat evenly, resulting in a consistently cooked pizza. Some pizza ovens may also have temperature control knobs, allowing you to fine-tune the cooking process. Regular ovens offer a wide range of cooking capabilities beyond baking pizzas. They are suitable for roasting, baking bread, casseroles, and other dishes, making them a versatile appliance for everyday cooking.

Cost and Space Considerations

Regular ovens are a common household appliance typically more affordable and readily available than dedicated pizza ovens. If you already have a traditional oven in your kitchen, it can be used for baking pizzas without needing an additional appliance. While offering superior pizza-baking capabilities, pizza ovens are often considered specialty items and may require additional space and investment.


The crux of the blog article is that pizza ovens and regular ovens are different from each other. Both regular ovens and specialized pizza ovens have their advantages regarding baking pizzas. Regular ovens offer flexibility and convenience for everyday cooking needs, while pizza ovens excel in producing authentic, crispy, and flavorful pizzas due to their high temperatures and rapid cooking times. The features, models, types, and purposes all of the things are different from each other. You can use any pizza oven to cook delicious pizzas and a regular pizza to roast vegetables, nuts, and chicken and bake cakes and cookies.